Current library of LiftPlanner cranes:

7260, 7530, 8460, 8470, 9270, 9299, 9310, 9310 Skyhorse, 9320, 9510, A 1500-HC, HC-125, HC-185, HC-275, 11250, 11250 Skyhorse, 11320, 11320 Skyhorse

Boom Trucks
Terex BT70100, RO Stinger TC110, National 1100, National 1400, National NBT60, NBT55, NBT40-1, National 800D, 14110, National 14127H, 18127, Manitex 2284, 2892, Manitex 30100, Manitex 30102c, Manitex 35124c, Manitex 50155SHL

IC-35-2B, IC-35-G, IC-80-F, IC-180, IC-200-1A, IC-200-2F, IC-200-1C, IC-200-3F, IC-400-A

7700, 7707, 1500-C, 1500-SC

AC35, AC35L, AC40-1, AC50, AC80-1, AC80-2, AC120, AC125, AC155, AC200-1, AC205, AC265, AC300-1, , AC300-6, AC335, AC350/SL, AC350-1/SL, AC350/6, AC395, AC395/1, AC400-1/SL, AC435, AC500-1/SL, AC500-2/SSL, AC615, AC615S, AC1200/SL, AC1300, AC1600/SL, CC600, CC1200/SL, CC1800/SL, CC2000/SL, CC2400, CC2400-1, CC2500/SL, CC2500-1/VSL, CC2600/SL, CC2800/SL, CC4000, CC4000/Ring, CC4800, CC6800, CC8800-1, HC810, HC920, HC1010, TC1200, TC2000, TC3000/SL, TC3200/SL, TC4000

AT 20, MAC 25, MAC 25-4SL


Enerpac SBL1100, Enerpac SBL500, J&R 700-28, J&R 903-34LD, J&R T1402-39, Lift Systems 44A, Lift Systems 24PT500LT, Lift Systems 34PT500WT, Riggers EZ-400

AT422, AT750B, AT1100, AT1300, GMK3055, GMK3050, GMK3060, GMK4070, GMK4075, GMK4115, GMK4115L, GMK5120B, GMK5130L, GMK5135, GMK5150B, GMK5165, GMK5165-2, GMK5170, GMK5175, GMK5210, GMK5240,  GMK5250XL-1, GMK6220, GMK6250L, GMK5275, GMK6300, GMK6300B, GMK6300L, GMK6300L-1, GMK6350, GMK6400, GMK6400-1, GRT8120, GRT9165, GMK7550-Megalift, RT58D, RT78S, RT522B, RT530E, RT630B, RT635C, RT740B, RT745, RT750, RT755, RT760, RT760E, RT855B, RT860, RT865, RT870, RT875E, RT880, RT880E, RT890, RT890E, RT990, RT9100, RT9130E, RT9150E, TM875, TM1275, TM1300, TM2500, TMS300, TMS475/LP, TMS500E, TMS865, TMS875c, TMS800E, TMS900E, TMS9000E, TMS9000-2, TMS890, TM9120, GTK1100

SCX2800-2, SCX2500, SCX1500A-3


NK 500B/v, NK 250V, MR130R

SL6000, SL4500, CKE 4000, CK3300G-2, CK2750G, CKE2500G, CK2500, CK2000-II, CK1600G, CKE 1350, CK1100G, CK1000-III, CK850-III

2025, 70GMT AT, 100GMT, 140GMT AT, 180GMT, 4070, 4080, 4085, 5090, 5110, 6140, 6275, 7250, 8350

LR11350, LR11000, LR1800, LR1750, LR1750/2, LR1600/1, LR1600/2, LR1500, LR1400/1, LR1400/2, LR1300, LR1300SX, LR1300.1SX, LR1280, LR1250, LR1200, LR1200SX, LR1160, LRT1100-2.1, HS 853HD, HS 8130HD, LG 1750, LG 1550, LG 1200, LHM550, LHM500, LHM320, LTC1050-3.1, LTF1045-4.1, LTM1040-2.1, LTM1045-3.1, LTM1050/1, LTM1055-3.1, LTM1055-3.2, LTM1060-3.1, LTM1070/1, LTM1070-4.1, LTM1070-4.2, LTM1080/1, LTM1080/1L, LTM1090/2, LTM1090-4.1, LTM1090-4.2, LTM1095-5.1, LTM1100, LTM1100/2, LTM1100-4.1, LTM1100-5.2, , LTM1110-5.1, LTM1120/1, , LTM1120-4.1, LTM1130-5.1, LTM1140, LTM1150-5.3, LTM1160, LTM1160/2, LTM1160-5.1, LTM1160-5.2, LTM1200, LTM1200/1, LTM1200-5.1, LTM1220-5.1, , LTM1230-5.1,  LTM1220-5.2, LTM1225, LTM1225-5.1, LTM1250/1, LTM1250-5.1, LTM1250-6.1, LTM1300, LTM1300/1, LTM1300-6.1, LTM1300-6.2, LTM1350-6.1, LTM1400, LTM1400-7.1, LTM1450-8.1, LTM1500, LTM1500-8.1, LTM1650-8.1, LTM1800, LTM1750-9.1, LTM11200-9.1, LTR 1100, LTR 1220

ATC-3275, ATC-3250, ATC-3210, ATC-3200, ATC-3130, HC-138H, 138HSL, HC-218, HC-218A, HC-275, 218HSL, 218H5, 218HSL, HC-228H, HC-238A, 238 Hylab 5, HC-238H, 238HSL, HC-248H, 248 Hylab 5, 248HSL, HC-258, HC-268, HC278H, 348 Hylab 5, 348 Series 2, HSP-8022, HSP-8035S, HSP-8040, HSP-8055, HTC-830, HTC-1170, HTC-8665, HTC-8640, HTC-8650, HTC-8660, HTC-8670, HTC-8675, HTC-8690, HTT-8690, HTC-86100, HTC-11100, HTC-3140LB, LS-138H, LS-218, LS-308H5, LS-518, LS-718, LS718/Ring, LS-818, LS-818/Ring, LS-918, LS-918/Ring, LS-1018, RTC-8050S2, RTC-8060, RTC-8064, RTC-8065, RTC-8075, RTC-8080, RTC-8090, 90RT LB, RTC-80100, RTC-80130, RTC-80150, RTC-80160, TCC-500, TCC-750


2284, 2892, 30100, 30102c, 35124c, 50155SHL

M-50W, 111, 3900W, 3900T, 4000W, 4100-S1, 4100-S2, 4100-Tower, 4100S3 Ring, 222, 555, M-250, M-250 w/400 Maxer, M-250T, 2250, 2250 w/ 2000 Maxer, 777, 777T, 4600 S-4, 4600 S-4 Ring, 4600 S-4 Twr, 4600 S-5, 888, 888 Ring, M-1200 Ring, 999, 10000, 11000-1, 12000, 14000, MLC100-1, MLC300, MLC300 VPC, 16000, 16000 w/Maxer, 18000, 18000 w/Maxer, MLC650, MLC650 VPC, 21000, 21000 w/Maxer

6010, 10010, 14010, Tadano Mantis GTC-1200, Tadano Mantis GTC-1300

AmClyde LSB18, Sliding Systems, Strand Jack Lifting frames, Goldhofer & Scheuerle platform trailers, Goliath, Kroll 10000 (tower crane), SPMT's, Scheuerle Super Vario, Mi-Jack MJ110 Trave lift, Faymonville 6 line extendable, TRT Tidd PC28

NBT60, NBT55, NBT40-1, 1400, 1100, 800D, 14110, 14127H, 18127

Platform Trailers
Goldhofer THP, Goldhofer SPMT's, Scheuerle platform trailers, Scheuerle SPMT's, Nicolas platform trailers

SK415, SK575

HDT 80, IgoT85A, MD 485B, MD 509, MD 559, MDT 178, MDT 310B, MDT 368A, MDT 389, MDT 509, MDT 559, MR 160C, MR 295, MR 298, MR 418, MR 605B, MR 608, MR 615

36m Pump, TB105, TB110

P & H
5150R, 5250, 5300R, 790B-TC, 9125TC, 9150TC, 6250TC, CN165, Alpha, T750

Riggers Manufacturing
TL150BW Trilifter, EZ-400 gantry


7755, CD5540, SCD20

AC4.110-1, AC5.140-1, AC5.160-1, AC220-5, AC300-6, GR-150XL-1, ATF50-3, ATF65G-5, ATF70G-4, ATF110G-5, ATF130G-5, ATF160G-5, ATF220G-5, ATF400G-6, GR-150XL-1, GR-300EX, GR-350XL, GR-550EX, GR-550XL, GT-600EX, GR-700EX, GR-750XL, GR-800EX, GR-800XL-1, GR-1000XL-2, GR-1000XLL-4, GR-1600XL, GR-1600XL-2, Tadano Mantis GTC-1200, Tadano Mantis GTC-1300, TR-160M, TR-280XL, TR-300XL,TR-350XL, TR-350XL-3, TR-450XL, TR500XL-3, TR-500E, TR-500M, TR-600XL, TR-600XL-3, TR-600XXL-4, TR-650XXL-3

Crossover 8000, HC-80, HC-125, HC-185, HC-275, BT70100, 5120, RT130, RT1120, RT160, RT175, RT190, RT230, RT335, RT450, RT555-1, RT665, RT1100 Quadstar, RT780, SL3800-1, T340, T340-1L, T560, T750

Tower Cranes
Liebherr 550 EC-H, Favelle Favco M1280D, Favelle Favco M760D, Kroll 10000, Potain HDT 80, Potain MD 485B, Potain MD 509, Potain MD 559, Potain MDT 178, Potain MDT 219 J10, Potain MDT 310B, Potain MDT 368A, Potain MDT 389, Potain MR 418, Potain MDT 509, Potain MDT 559, Potain MR 160C, Potain MR 295, Potain MR 298, Potain MR 605B, Potain MR 608, Potain MR 615, Wolff 355B (on rails)

Fushun QUY 150c, QUY 260

Specify any crane and we will build it. Many fixed, luffing and attachments are available for the above cranes.


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